Pricefinder Portal Overview

What are the different sections of Pricefinder homepage?

Once you login to Pricefinder and agree to the T&C’s the first page you’ll see is this landing page.

Let’s take a look at all the elements and components of this page.


1. Top Navigation Menu

Let’s take a look at the items that appear in the top navigation menu.


Search Menu

Mouse over the search menu to access any of the property search tools.


These items can also be found in the Research Tools panel below. These are covered in more detail below.



From the Analytics menu Massland users can navigate to the Property Scout system.

Property Scout is mostly used by Massland users to research zoning. For Property Scout training, support and FAQ’s please contact Massland.


Select the state you want to research property in. The State selector also appears in the side menu.




From the Help menu you can click:

Help to navigate to our Help Centre
Training & Webinars to book training or sign up to upcoming training webinars
Integration Partners to find out about integration with Pricefinder



Account Profile Info

From the Account menu you can select from the options to update your user profile and account details, add or delete users and change your password. Click Domain and REI Forms Live to navigate to those portals.



2. Property Search (Quick Search)

The Property Search bar, also known as the 'Quick Search' is an easy way to quickly search for a property.

Enter the property address into the search bar, select the type of report you’d like from the dropdown menu then click the Search icon.


More details on property searches can be found found in this article: Search for a property by address

3. Recent Searches

Any recent searches will be saved in this window. Click the X to remove any property searches.


4. Select State

This is the same as the State selector in the top navigation menu. Click the dropdown menu to choose the state you want to search for property in.


5. Quick Reports

Use the Quick Reports to generate a report - quickly.


Select the type of report you want to run using the dropdown menu.


Start typing the address and then select the address from the list.


Select property attributes then click Generate report.


6. REI Forms Live

Click REI Forms Live to navigate to the platform.


7. Research Tools

In the centre of the landing page is the Research Tools section.
By default the Property Search tool will be open. Click through the tabs to use the other research tools available.


Click through the tabs to use all research tools available. Click the links below to find out more about how to use these helpful tools:

Property Search: Search for a property by address. 

Prospecting: Prospecting properties that have been owned for a specific amount of time. 

Market Activity: Find properties that have recently Sold. 

Statistics: Compare multiple regions in Pricefinder. 

Phone Search: Searching for phone numbers. 

8. Map Search

The Map Search tool is at the bottom of the Homepage and can be used to generate reports for areas that are not bound by a suburb’s borders.

For more details on using the Map Search see this article: Generate reports using the Map Search


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If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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