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You now have the option to alter your account to search for addresses via STATE or COUNTRY

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Using Quick Search

How Do I Change between State & Country?

Default Radius Search

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Using Quick Search

You will now have the option to alter your account to search for addresses via STATE or COUNTRY

When searching for an address using the above search bar, a drop down menu will appear with suitable property options. If you choose to search with state based results, your drop down menu will only show results from your selected state.

How Do I Change This?

  1. Log into Pricefinder
  2. Click on ‘User Details’. (Please note that if you are logged in as the administrator that you will need to select ‘Manage My Profile’)

  1. Select ‘Edit Account’

  2. Under Default Settings, you will be able to select State or Country

  3. Save account

Default Radius Search

You may notice that you also have the option to alter the default radius search size in your default settings. Changing this radius will not only change your default search radius, but also the radius on your CMA’s when searching for comparable properties.

Search Results View

By default, for Real Estate Agents, the search results will automatically show the Ownership (photos) view as shown in the screenshot below.

You can now update this in your default settings by changing the Property Search View to one of the following.

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