Incorrect or missing property details & photos

The property I’ve searched has wrong information or photos

In most cases you'll need to report this to Pricefinder Support. Let us know via the Support icon so we can help fix this up.

When you search for a property of Pricefinder, occasionally, you may find the property has incorrect details such as:

  • Incorrect sales and rental info
  • Incorrect owner detail
  • Wrong or missing photos

The property information you see on Pricefinder comes from a range of different sources. Sometimes the information we receive may not be accurate, but, in most cases, we can have the information fixed.


Sales or rental information

If a property is showing incorrect or missing sales/rental information please contact Pricefinder Support via the Support icon.

Owner details

If you’ve found a property where the owner details are incorrect, please contact Pricefinder Support via the Support icon. We may be able to update the owner details if the property is in a state where the information is available. If you have any proof of the correct information please have it ready to give to support - this will make it much quicker for us to update the info.


Incorrect photos

Incorrect images may have previously been linked to a property and can appear on the property report. This usually happens when other Pricefinder users manually add incorrect photos to properties on Pricefinder, which will then be seen by other users.

If you’d like to add photos to a property see this article: Update property features, attributes & photos

If any photos need to be removed contact support via the Support icon and we’ll be able to remove any incorrect photos.





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