CMA report missing properties

There is a property not appearing in my CMA report.

You can check the Radius, Date range and Price range in the Comparable Listings Radial Search to make sure all are correct.

Let’s take a look at why specific properties may be missing from your CMA report and how you can make sure the right properties are included, and also how you can add properties to your CMA report.

Check search parameters

The most common reason for a property to be missing from your CMA report is because the search parameters are excluding it from appearing.

From the For Sale or For Rent tab in the Comparable Listings Radial Search section check the:

  • Radius
  • Date range
  • Price range


Also check the Property Features tab. The property report may not have the updated features and attributes so it won’t come up in the comparable sales.

If a property needs features or attributes updated you can update them via the Property Report.
See this article for more details: Update property features and attributes

Alternatively, try creating the CMA without features.


Search for the property in Pricefinder

If there’s a specific property you’d like to include as a comparable but it’s not coming up in your CMA try searching for that property to see if it’s actually in Pricefinder.



Too soon?

It can take up to three months for the sale data of a property to come through from the Government if a property has recently transacted.

If your CMA is missing a recent sale, please report this to our Pricefinder Support team via the Support icon, who will arrange for our data team to investigate further, and we’ll do our best to have your property added.


Add a comparable Sold to you CMA

You can manually add a property using the Add Comparable Sale function.

If there’s a specific property you’d like to compare but it’s not within the search criteria you can still add it to your report.

Simply search for the address under Add Comparable Sale and select the matching sale from the drop down. It will then be included in your search results.


  1. In the Recently Sold tab, under the Sold Properties section enter the address into the Add Comparable Sale field then click the property.


  2. Click Update Results and the property will appear in the list.


    You won’t be able to do this for any property that is currently ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’.


Missing property?

Property data can take 1-3 months to be received and updated on Pricefinder however, if you believe any property is missing click the ? Data Update icon in the bottom right.


Let us know which address is missing and click Send.




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