REX Software Integration

How can I set up REX Software Integration?

You can set up REX integration by logging in to REX and clicking Admin then Integrations.

Pricefinder integrates with REX Software to provide access to a range of features such as access to live property data (including sales history) and CMA reports directly within the REX system.

Note: You must be a REX subscriber to access this feature. Once activated, all integration occurs within the REX Software website.

Step 1: Admin Set Up Process

There are a few steps below that must be completed before the Pricefinder integration can be used within REX Software. This must be completed by an admin user.

Activate the integration (within REX)

The first step you need to complete is turn on the integration

  1. Login to REX
  2. Go to Admin then select Integrations
  3. Select Activate on the Pricefinder integration under Available Third Party Extensions
  4. Enter a name for the connection - This is just a name, you can call it anything you like
  5. Select Activate

Link the integration (within REX)

Once you have the integration turned on, you need to choose which state this integration will be used in

  1. Under Activated Third Party Extensions find the integration you just set up and select Edit
  2. Select the red Edit button next to Account Details
  3. Select the State that your Pricefinder is Active for
  4. Select Save

Allow users to Import Properties (within REX)

You must enable user permissions to activate Import Properties. If you don't complete this step, your staff will not be able to Import Properties from Pricefinder.

  1. Hover on the username of the user you wish to allow to import properties
  2. Select the drop down button
  3. Select Edit Permission
  4. Select the checkbox next to Property Import
  5. Select Save

Step 2: Agent Set Up Process

Once your admin user has connected the office Pricefinder account to Rex, add your own Pricefinder login details so you can use the integration.

  1. Log in to REX
  2. In the top right, select your name then Profile
  3. In the right-hand menu, select Integrations
  4. Hover on your Pricefinder connection and select the dropdown button
  5. Select Add Credentials
  6. Enter your Pricefinder login details
  7. Select Save

    You have now activated the integration within REX Software.
Note: For further information on using this integration such as how to import properties within REX Software please contact the Rex Support Team

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