REI Forms Live / Realworks Integration

How can I set up REI Forms Live / Realworks Integration?

You can set up integration for REI Forms Live / Realworks Integration by clicking Realworks from the home page.

Pricefinder integrates with REI Forms Live (known as Realworks in QLD) to make filling out forms a breeze with pre-populated property data directly from Pricefinder.

Important: You must have a current subscription with both Pricefinder and Realworks (REI Forms Live) to utilise this integration.

Link your REI Forms Live / Realworks Account

  1. On the Pricefinder home page select Realworks (REI Forms Live) then Connect
  2. Select Get Token to open REI Forms Live (Realworks) in a new tab.
  3. Login to Realworks (REI Forms Live)
  4. From the Main Menu select Third Party and select + New
  5. Select APM Pricefinder then Create
  6. Select the token that generates then Copy to Clipboard, press CTRL+C on the pop up
  7. Return to Pricefinder and enter the Token. The Status should change to Linked
  8. Select Save Partner Setup

    Your Pricefinder is now linked to your Realworks (REI Forms Live). Simply visit any property to create all your real estate forms.

Creating forms from Pricefinder

  1. Search for a Property Address to open the Property Report
  2. Select Realworks (REI Forms Live) at the bottom of Research Tools
  3. Select the form required then Create Form
  4. The form will open in Realworks (REI Forms Live) with the pre-filled property information (where available) such as client and property Details.5_Realworks-5.gif
Note: There are no additional charges for using the Realworks integration in Pricefinder.

The price displayed for creating a form is only applicable for agencies that Pay Per Form with Realworks. Agencies on the Unlimited Form option do not incur any charge.


Edit existing forms from Pricefinder

  1. Select Realworks (REI Forms Live) from either a Property Report, or the home page of Pricefinder
  2. Select Edit Existing Form then select from the list of saved forms
  3. Select Edit Form to open the form in Realworks (REI Forms Live)6_Realworks-6.gif

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