Set up branded reports

How can I set up branded reports?

You can set up branded reports by selecting Manage My Profile from your Account Info.

Pricefinder allows you to set your agency logo & custom branding colours for all PDF reports generated when using a Pricefinder Custom Cover page.

Cover Page Options & Examples

There are four options for the Custom Cover Pages that have slight variations. Below are examples of how each cover page looks when generated using the below sample colour palette:


Pricefinder - Custom                                                            Pricefinder - Custom (Print Friendly)
Uses the colours as set in the colour                            Preserves ink by setting a predominately          palette                                                                                          white background
2_Pricefinder-Custom-Cover.gif        3_Pricefinder-Custom-Print-Fr.gif

Pricefinder - Custom (Office Photo)                           Pricefinder - Custom (Property Photo)
Uses the Office Photo image as the                              Uses the main image for the property as the          background                                                                               background
4_Office-Photo-Example.gif          5_Custom-Property-Photo.gif


Set your branding

Once you have decided which cover page you would like to use it's time to set your agencies branding using the steps below.

1. Load your logo

If you have already loaded your logo, skip to Set your branding colours

  1. Hover on your name in the top right corner and select Manage My Profile
  2. Select the Upload Logo tab
  3. Select Choose file and select the logo you wish to upload
  4. Select Upload Logo

Tips: The file size must be less than 3MB and a JPG, PNG or GIF file type. The system will automatically resize and crop the logo so we recommend ensuring you upload a high definition logo.

2. Set your cover page & colours

  1. Hover on your name in the top right corner and select Manage My Profile
  2. Select Edit Account
  3. Scroll down to Default Settings and under Default Cover Page select the Pricefinder - Custom option you wish to use
  4. Under Pricefinder Custom Cover Page select each square and enter the HEX Code you wish to use
  5. Select Save Account


Once set to a Pricefinder - Custom cover page option all PDF reports generated will use the custom colours set.

Note: Cover Pages can also be set at an Agent level in the Edit User section. Agents who set their own Default Cover Page will see their selected option, rather than Cover Page set for the account.


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If you wish to use the Office Photo cover page, see Upload an office photo for branded reports for the steps required.

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