Purchase a title or plan

I want to purchase a title or plan, and have some questions

You can purchase a title or plan from a Property Report by selecting Titles & Plans under Research Tools.

We'll show you how to order titles, plans and other documents through the property report, and also answer some FAQ's such as:

    1. Didn't receive a Title or Plan
    2. Title or Plan report PDF not opening
    3. How much I will be charged for documents

As well as many others.

Pricefinder provides access to Titles and Plans in Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria. In Queensland you can also order Dealing Images, Community Title Schemes and Community Management Statements.

Note: Documents purchased on your account remain current for 24 hours. After 24 hours, repeat searches incur additional charges as the document is re-ordered.


Purchasing Documents

The steps to purchase different documents are outlined below

Titles Plans Dealing Image Community Title Scheme & CMS

A title shows the current owners of a specific lot and lists any registered interests such as easements, mortgages etc. A copy of any registered interests can be requested using a dealing image search.

  1. Search for a property address to open the Property Report
  2. Scroll down and select Titles & Plans under Research Tools
  3. Select Purchase Title
  4. A complete purchase box will appear to the right, confirm the Search Type is correct (i.e if you want a Title search this should say Title)
  5. Enter your Admin Password and select Purchase
  6. A confirmation will appear with an option to download the document. The document will also be emailed to you.


    A sample Queensland title (click to enlarge):


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions abount ordering documents on Pricefinder.

I haven't received a title or plan that I purchased
That's where we come in. If you've ordered a title or plan and have not received it you'll need to contact Pricefinder Support via the Chat icon so we can re-send it.
Can the password for document purchases be disabled?
Yes! When titles & plans access is enabled on a per user basis, the user will no longer be prompted for a titles password.

To activate titles per user:
  1. Login to Pricefinder (you must be an Administrator)
  2. Hover on your name in the top right and select User Details
  3. Select Edit User 
  4. Select Purchase Titles then Save User
  5. Repeat until all necessary users have been enabled

Any users who are not enabled will still have access to purchase titles & plans, but will be required to use the administrator password.

If you wish to restrict access further, this password can be changed by contacting Pricefinder Support via the Chat icon.

I don't know the admin password to my account
The admin password is a unique password for title & plans, and is different to your account password. The same admin password is used for all users on your Pricefinder account.

If you're unsure of the password, check with your office administrator or click the Chat icon to contact Pricefinder Support.
Will I be charged twice if I order the same document again?
Documents purchased on your account will remain active for 24 hours. After 24 hours, any repeat searches will be a new charge as as the document is re-ordered.

As Pricefinder incurs charges for all documents ordered, it is not possible to remove charges for documents that have been re-ordered after 24 hours. 
Can I add a custom reference to the invoice?
When requesting a document, the Invoice Ref allows you to adjust the reference that displays on the invoice. This could be to include staff initials to identify who purchased a document, or to include a unique reference for the property.

Please note, this is the only reference for the document on the invoice, so when adding your own reference ensure it is relevant for your purpose.
My account doesn't have access to Titles & Plans
Click the Chat icon to contact Pricefinder Support team who can activate titles & plans for your account (if it is an included feature in your package).

Titles & plans are not available for users on the Investor package. If you are on the Investor package, you can purchase the documents direct from the local state or territory Government.
How much does it cost to purchase documents?
The cost for each purchase varies depending on the State and document type. The price for each document will be displayed on the Titles & Plans page prior to purchase.

Queensland Cost (ex GST)
Title   $23.60
Plan $24.50
Community Title Scheme $11.80
Dealing $51.80
New South Wales
Title or Plan $22.70





I need to purchase a document for a different state
Pricefinder offers documents in Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria

Documents from other states can be requested directly from the relevant State or Territory Government websites listed below:

State Government Website
Australian Capital Territory         ACTLIS
South Australia SAILIS
Tasmania The LIST
Western Australia Landgate
Northern Territory NT Land Titles

Note: Pricefinder has no affiliation with the websites provided. Any documents purchased are subject to the Terms & Conditions of each website.
I can't open Title or Plan report PDF
This is almost never a Pricefinder related issue. If you seem to have trouble opening PDF files, it is likely that it has something to do with a recent Adobe Reader or Acrobat installation or update. Try searching 'PDF not opening' for the latest methods on how to resolve this.

If you have any feedback about this article please let us know in the comments. If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Chat icon during business hours.

If you have any feedback about this article please let us know in the comments.
If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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