Pricefinder Property Report overview

What is the Pricefinder Property Report and how does it work?

The property report displays information about a specific property address such as ownership, sales and listing history & other property information. It can also be used to generate a range of reports for the property such as the CMA.


Information on the Property Report

Below is more detailed information about each section of the Property Report

Ownership Information
Ownership information is sourced directly from the local State & Territory Governments (where available) and is display on the Property Report as well as selected other searches.


Owner Name: Current Owner as registered with the State Title Office (where available)
Owner Address: The registered service address
Current Tenure: The tenure period for the current owners.
Owner Type: Flags if the property is Owner or Non-Owner Occupied

Ownership Availability By State

Ownership availability is limited according to each State and Territory Government across all Australian Data Providers. Below is a list of ownership availability by state.

State Owners Name(s) Owners Address
QLD Available
Government Sourced
Government Sourced
NSW Available – Surname Only Available – Limitations Apply
VIC Available - Limitations Apply Government Sourced Available - Limitations Apply Government Sourced
WA Available
Government Sourced
Not Available
SA Not Available Not Available
TAS Not Available Not Available
ACT Not Available Not Available
NT Not Available Not Available
Sales History
Pricefinder has sales history for every property in Australia dating back to approximately 1980. The information is provided by each local State & Territory Government.

An overview of the sale is provided on the property report, and selecting the Sale Amount will provide detailed sale information.  


The Related flag indicates if the sale is a related sales (e.g. family)

Phone Numbers
For Sale & For Rent History

The For Sale History and For Rent History provides access to detailed listing history from the Property Report. This information is sourced from online listing portals such as Domain.

At a glance, the history provides an overview of the listing history include the price, listing date and agency/agent. The Portal link will take you through to the historical Domain listing.

You can also select the Listing Price to see a detailed history for that particular listing such as the description and where available, images from the listing.

Property Features

The Property Features includes information about the inclusions of the property. This information is sourced from previous listing history and can be manually set through Update Features.6_mceclip0.png
In South Australia and Western Australia this section will include property specific information that is provided by the Government such as number of rooms, and building materials

Property Description
The Property Description includes detailed information about the property. This includes the Real Property Description (RPD), Local Council, Land Use, Area and Government ID. The information available does vary from state to state.


Land Valuation History

Land Valuations are available in most states and are provided through the Valuer-General for each State and Territory Government.

Land Valuations are available for all states excluding VIC & WA. 


Note: Land Valuations are only available for properties that include land, and as such units will not have a land valuation. 


Property Zoning is displayed on each property (where available) in QLD, VIC and SA. Zoning is provided as a guide only, and a link to the Local Council is available to confirm the current zoning.

In QLD only there is also the option to download the SmartMap for the plan.

School Catchments
Pricefinder includes school catchments that a property falls within, making it easier to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. This displays on the property report and is also included in the CMA and Property Report PDF10_School-Catchment.gif
Nearby Planning & Development Applications
Pricefinder provides access to Planning and Development Applications that have been lodged for properties within a 2km radius of the current property. Selecting the Address of a Nearby Application will open the detailed application.11_Nearby-Planning.gif

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