Find properties currently For Sale

How can I find properties that are currently For Sale?

You can find properties that are currently listed For Sale within a specific suburb, postcode or street from the Search Menu by selecting Market Activity then For Sale.

Start your search

  1. Select Market Activity from the Search Menu
  2. Select For Sale
  3. Enter a Suburb, Postcode or Street Address
  4. Select Search


Refine your search

  1. A refine search option will appear to include any additional search criteria such as property type. More Options allows you refine by criteria such as property attributes and listing price
  2. Optional: Select your preferred Listed in the last period.
    By default, the search will include all current listings, if you wish to search a specific time period enter this here.

  3. Select Search at the bottom of the page
    A list of search results will appear beneath the Map Overview


Print your Search

  1. In the top right corner of the page the Print Page & Export Options button will allow you to print the report as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet

Tips: By default, all properties in the search are included in your printed report. To include only a selection of results in the list:

  • Tick or Untick records to include in the top left of the property image
  • Select Update Selected Results to remove any properties not selected from the search results
  • Reset will return any previously removed properties
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