Search for property by address

How can I search for a property by address?

You can search for a property address by selecting Property Search from the Search Menu.

The address search allows you to search for a specific address or find properties by street, suburb or postcode.

Missing address?

If an address is missing contact Pricefinder Support via the Support icon during business hours.

Using the Address Search

  1. Select Property Search from the Search Menu
  2. Select Address
  3. Enter the Address you wish to search
    Not all of the fields are mandatory meaning you can include and much or little detail as you like. Where possible, the system will complete any missing fields.
  4. Select Search


If the system only finds one property that matches your search results, the property report will load. If multiple properties are found, a list of search results are displayed and the address can be selected to view the property report.

More Search Options

The address search also allows you to enter partial addresses to view multiple results. You can search for a Street, Suburb or Postcode only.

Street Name

If you only complete a Street Name, the system will return all possible Streets within the State. Selecting a Street will then return all properties for that street

Search Results for Addison


Suburb or Postcode Only

Entering only a Suburb or Postcode will return all Streets for that Specific Suburb or Postcode . Selecting a Street will then return all properties for that street.



Quick Search

You can use the Quick Search to quickly search an address and can be useful if you know the full address

  1. Enter the Address In the Quick Search
  2. Select the matching address from the drop down
  3. Select your Report Type
  4. Select Search



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