Search for properties using the Map Search

How can I search for properties using the Map Search?

You can search for properties using the Map Search at the bottom of the home page.

The Map Search allows you to find a property where you may know the property location but not the address.

Start your Search

  1. Select the Search Menu to return to the home page
  2. Scroll down to Map Search
  3. Move the map display to your desired area by using the pan tool to move the map, or by typing the street and/or suburb into the search bar
  4. From the Map Tools select the information icon
  5. Click on the area of the property you are looking for
  6. A pop up with the selected properties address will appear.
  7. To change the selected property, click on a different area of the map
  8. Once you have found the desired property, select the address to view to the Property Report


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