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Property Monitor - Setting Up Property Alert

You can use the Property Monitor to follow a property and receive property alerts by clicking the Star icon on any Property Report.

Follow individual properties to stay informed of any for sale, for rent, and sold events that occur for that property. Updates are delivered straight to your inbox alerting you of the change. Also, 'Property Monitor' allows you to follow an unlimited number of properties in Pricefinder.

Note: The Property Alert feature is only available to users on a PRO package. For more information please contact your Account Manager.

Follow a property

  1. Search for the property using quick search to open the Property Report.
  2. Select star_on.png to follow the property
  3. You will be informed by email of any for sale, for rent, and sold updates that occur for that property.


View the properties you are following

You can view a list of properties you are following from the home page.

  1. Select the Pricefinder logo to return to the home page
  2. Scroll down to the Property Monitor section
  3. Click on the address to view the full property report


    The Property Monitor list will show the most recent activity for each property, and that date the event occurred.

Unsubscribe from a property

If you no longer need to follow a property, you can unsubscribe from it. There are two ways to do this:

  • Select cmaDelete.png next to the property in the Property Monitor list
  • or deselect star_on.png on the property report for that property

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