Share Pricefinder Property Report and access

How can I share a Property Report or access using Pricefinder Share?

You can share your Pricefinder Property Report and Pricefinder access by selecting Pricefinder Share from the Property Report.

Pricefinder Share allows you to provide a one time access to Pricefinder to a vendor or client.

This access allows the user to get to know the property market with free access to the latest property sales, price estimates and statistics from Pricefinder.

  1. Search for the address and open the Property Report
  2. Select Pricefinder Share
  3. Select if you wish to share the Property Report

    By selecting Property Report the user is taken to the Property Report you send the Share from. If you select Free Pricefinder Access the user will be taken to the main search page.

    Both options allow the user to continue to navigate Pricefinder and research as many properties as they like.
  4. Confirm the Agent Details to include in the email
    If your account don't have any Agents, the email will include your Agency Details.
  5. Enter the Recipient Name & Email Address
  6. Select Share


    The vendor will then receive an email with a link to access Pricefinder. This is a one time access and will expire after the session ends.



Frequently Asked Questions

What information can the user see?
As Pricefinder Share is a complimentary access there are some restrictions for privacy purposes. Whilst users are able to search for properties and market activity, they are not able to see personal information such as ownership.
Does Pricefinder Share use my account?
No it doesn't - Pricefinder Share access is provided via a separate account that is not affiliated with your Pricefinder account.
I sent a Pricefinder Share that wasn't received
How annoying! Get the user to check their junk, otherwise try sending it again. The Pricefinder Share email should be received within a few minutes with the subject Your Access.

If you're still having issues contact Pricefinder Support
Is there a limit on how many Pricefinder Shares I can send?
There is no limit on how many Pricefinder Share features you can send, but fair use policy does apply.

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