Generate a Suburb Flyover

How can I create a Suburb Flyover?

You can generate a Suburb Flyover from the Search Menu by selecting Statistics then Suburb Flyover.

The Suburb Flyover provides a quick snapshot of the recent activity and statistics for any suburb in Australia.

Start your search

  1. Select Statistics from the Search Menu
  2. Select Suburb Flyover
  3. Enter a Suburb and select the corresponding result from the drop down
  4. Select a Property Type
  5. Select Search


View the Suburb Flyover

A summary of the suburb flyover will appear. You can click through each tab at the top of the page to view the specific information.


Print your Search

  1. In the top right corner of the page, the 'Print Page & Export Options' button will allow you to print the report as a PDF. Below are the options:

    Print Suburb Flyover
    Print Suburb Flyover(Sales)
    Print Suburb Flyover (Rentals)   
    Print Suburb Flyover (Detailed) 

    Excludes ABS Census Data
    Excludes ABS Census data & rental information
    Excludes ABS Census data & sold information
    Includes ABS Census Data & sold/rental information

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