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How can I search for phone numbers

You can search for owners' phone numbers from the Search Menu by selecting Phone Search.

Pricefinder lets you search for phone numbers from a national database that are washed against the Do Not Call Register every 28 days.

Start your Search

    1. Select Phone Search from the Search Menu
    2. Optional: Enter a Surname / Company
    3. Optional: If you wish to search for phone numbers in a specific Street, enter the Street Name. We recommend excluding the street suffix for better search results (i.e enter Boyd not Boyd Road
    4. Enter the Suburb and click the matching Suburb from the drop down menu that appears
      If you do not select a Suburb from the drop down, the search will return no results.
    5. Select Search


Print your Search

  1. In the top right corner of the page the Print Page & Export Options button will allow you to print the report as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet 

What is the Do Not Call Register?

The Do Not Call Register allows consumers to opt out of receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. Pricefinder washes all phone numbers against the Do Not Call Register every 28 days.

Green ^ Denotes Phone number did not exist on Do Not Call Register when last washed.
Red * Denotes Phone number exists on the Do Not Call Register
Black Denotes Phone number has not been washed against Do Not Call Register

Click here to find out more about the Do Not Call Register and your obligations around the use of this information.

Note: The phone numbers provided should be used as a guide only. Please ensure you have permission to call telephone numbers before calling.

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