Prospecting properties on Pricefinder

How can I prospect for properties on Pricefinder?

You can start prospecting for properties by selecting Prospecting from the Search Menu.

You can identify properties in your target market that have been owned for a specific amount of time.

Start your search

  1. Select Prospecting from the Search Menu
  2. Select All Properties
  3. Enter a Suburb, Postcode or Street Address
  4. Select Search


Refine your search

  1. A refine search option will appear to include any additional search criteria such as Owner or Non Owner Occupier properties. More Options allows you to refine by criteria such as purchase price or property attributes

  2. Select the Tenure Period
    By default the search will include all properties. By specifying a tenure range the search will only return properties for this period. (i.e 7 years will show properties that have been owned for 7 years).


  3. Select Search at the bottom of the page
    A list of search results will appear beneath the Map Overview


    The Results View allows you to adjust the information that is displayed in the results

Print your Search

  1. In the top right corner of the page the Print Page & Export Options button will allow you to print the report as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet
Note: Ownership information is provided for verification purposes only. The information is not intended for the preparation of mailing lists or for direct marketing.

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