Setting up My Patches

What are My Patches and how do I use it?

You can set up your own patches from the Map Search on the home page.

My Patches lets you create and save your own map regions for future use to generate Ownership, Sales, Listing or Rentals reports. This is accessible from the Map Search on Pricefinder's main search menu. Let's create and search a patch.

 Create your patch

  1. From the home page scroll down to Map Search
  2. Move the map display to your desired area by using the pan tool to move the map, or by typing the street and/or suburb into the search bar
  3. Select My Patches and then Add Patch
  4. Draw the search area by clicking on the map to set each point. As you move your mouse the area will expand.
  5. To complete the area double click your mouse at the last point.
  6. Set the name and colour of your patch
  7. Select Save


 Search your patch

  1. Select the Search Menu to return to the home page
  2. Scroll down to Map Search
  3. Select My Patches to view existing patches
  4. Select the patch you wish to search
  5. Select your Report Type
  6. Select Search


Refine your Search

  1. A refine search option will appear to include any additional search criteria. The options will vary depending on the report selected. Refine as required
  2. Select Search at the bottom of the page
    A list of search results will appear beneath the Map Overview

Print your Search

  1. In the top right corner of the page the Print Page & Export Options button will allow you to print the report as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet


Edit your patch

Sometimes you may need to adjust the boundary of an existing patch.

  1. Select the edit pencil next to the Patch Name
  2. Select the edit pencil next to the Region
  3. Click and drag the points of the map to expand the boundary
  4. Select Save




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